…and I’m back

This time its a photo-blog. On most days I’ll be posting a photo or a collection of photos that are related in some way. I won’t always be clear about how they are related, so you can enjoy trying to figure it out on your own.

This is a glamour shot of Beans standing on the landing looking off into the future. It's like she was posing!

Up to no good, I'm sure. Beans is laying on her back with her favorite toy (of the minute)

Beans waiting her turn

On Beans' first visit to camp, she paused only once while running and playing. This is that moment.

One of Beans' favorite places from an early age is on the furniture. This is one of her spots on her first couch.

Beans is a teenager and really likes to sleep in. This picture was captured by her grandma once when her dads were out of town.